Whimsie & Whimsie-Land Series

Whimsie Series

The line of Whimsies was introduced in 1971…the “Whimsies” were a great success and were eventually withdrawn from the Wade giftware range in 1984.  Most of the figurines are mold marked WADE ENGLAND around the base and have the fine molded parallel ridges on the underside of the base.  

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Picture 1 (above): Fawn, Rabbit, Mongrel, Kitten, Spaniel, Duck, Corgi, Beaver, Bush Baby, Fox, Bear Cub, Otter, Setter, Owl, Trout, Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Chimp, Hippo (large), Squirrel, Hedgehog, Pine Martin, Field Mouse, Alsatian, Cow, Pig, Horse, Lamb, Rhino, Leopard, Gorilla, Camel, Zebra.

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Picture 2 (above): Donkey, Barn Owl, Cat, Mouse, Ram, Dolphin, Pelican, Angel Fish, Turtle, Kangaroo, Orangutan, Tiger, Koala, Blue Bird, Bison, Bullfrog, Wild Boar, Raccoon, eal Pup, Penguin, Husky, Walrus, Polar Bear.

Whimsie-Land Series

When Wade withdrew the "Whimsies" in early 1984, a gap was left in the Wade retail giftware line. The Wade "Whimsies" were enormously popular and because of their success, George Wade & Son Ltd. decided to introduce the "Whimsie-Land" Series. Miniature porcelain animals and birds where issued in themed sets of five. The new hand decorated, underglazed colored figurines were slightly larger and more detailed than the 1971-1984 "Whimsies."

The Whimsie-Land series was issued in five sets of five figurines each, for a total of twenty-five figurines. Each set has its own unique theme: Pets, Wildlife, Farmyard, Hedgerow and British Wildlife.

(Illustrated in The World of Wade book 1)

First Row (Top): Whimsie-Land Pets 1984 - Retriever, Puppy, Rabbit, Kitten & Pony
Second Row: Whimsie-Land Wildlife 1984 - Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Panda & Giraffe
Third Row: Whimsie-Land Farmyard 1985 - Rooster, Duck, Cow, Pig & Goat
Fourth Row: Whimsie-Land Hedgerow1986 - Squirrel, Fox (not avail), Hedgehog, Badger, Owl,
& Otter  (from 1987-1988 Whimsie-Land British Wildlife)

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See also Whimsie Series shown above.

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