World Wide Wades (Red Rose Tea Figurines by Wade of England)

Jane's World Wide Wades 
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We hope you'll enjoy browsing a sample of our collection of high quality,
English-made porcelain Wade, and Red Rose Tea Premium items.


Red Rose Tea Premiums

Sale on selected figurines from many sets:
USA Set 1, Set 2, Circus, Endangered Animals

Noah's Ark, Pet Shop, Calendar Series
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Mini Nursery Rhyme figurines

The ever popular Canadian Red Rose Tea Promotion from 1971-1979

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Prices starting at $3


Whimsie-Land and 1974-1984 Whimsies

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  Colourways & Whimsie Re-Issues

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Colourways are made with the same molds
used in the Whimsie-Land Series.




Including Lep on Ducks, Lep Napping, Lep on Pig & More

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  Betty  Boop

Set of 4 Betty Boop Figurines ... $64


Cats & Dogs

Cat & Dog Dishes, Dogs and Puppies, and Dog Pipe Rests
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My Fair Ladies

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Rachel $36, Natalie $36 and Hannah $43
The elegant ladies are 3.75" to 4" tall.


Red Rose Tea Canadian Non-Retail Set

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Frog $4, Butterfly $8, Terrapin $4, Poodle $4, Seal $4, Angel Fish $4, Alligator $8


Old Nursery Favourites (1972 - 1981)

Large Nursery Favourites
Twice the size of the miniature nurseries.

King Cole, Cat & Fiddle, Jack, Jill, Three Bears, Miss Muffet & More
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  More Timeless Favorites  


  Wade Limited Editions  
  Miscellaneous Wade

More Miscellaneous Wade
  Red Rose Teapots
  US and Canadian Red Rose Tea Premiums

Tom Smith Party Cracker Figurines ... Survival, Farmyard, Wild Life, Circus, Nursery and More.
  Whimsie & Whimsie-Land Series  
  Leprechauns & Pintrays
 2008 Leprechaun Riding Hedgehog
SALE Leprechaun Pin Tray $14
  Boxed Cracker Sets ... Tom Smith & Others by Wade
Sea Life, Nursery and More
  Colourways ... Whimsie, Farmyard, Nursery Rhyme and Comical Colourways  

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  World Wide Wades (July 2017)